Our Events are Like a Vacation!
Check our local outreach, recreation, resources for the whole family!
We come to you!
AAHC is an award winning nonprofit grassroots effort to reach the disenfranchised community with mental health services. We can help you and your family find vital services to be healthy & happy. Give us a call today!
Good mental health & Physical health
Mental health is connected to physical health. Sometimes, even running low on a certain vitamin can knock our systems off balance, including our attitudes or view of life. Get healthy physically and mentally by eating more raw fruit and vegetables, get into a walking group in your community. For more information, connect with us for exercise, resources and a fun mental health days.
Give a smile, get a hug
The past decade has seen more and more people living to be 100 years old and older, that means we have a lot of life to live. Living lifemeans giving and getting smiles, taking care of our bodies and attitude so that we can help others around us. That’s what the circle of life is all about!
Holistically helping our community
Grow and Achieve

Our hope is to bring us to a greater awareness of the mind and body connection. The foods we eat (*including the vegetables), the games we play, the sweat equity that we put into ourselves individually, and as a community, all contributes to our mental health. Check out our most recent studies by various colleges and universities. Stay on top of the research, and don’t forget to set aside time for yourselves to grow and prosper!