We Advocate, We Teach, We Problem Solve Together

In keeping with our mission, the AAHC is constantly reaching out with our door to door services. We set up at colleges, at local events, and we travel to Sacramento to help lobby for the services that the community so desperately needs. Please join in our efforts. We can always use help in our tabling or setting up to give away our food and health resources. Call  us today!

Locally: To help you to see a new perspective, we bring information on healthy diets, healthy exercise (yes, we did say the dreaded “E” word:), and we believe in good food. By good food, we don’t mean fried fish, fried chicken, french fries, donuts, which are also fried! (Okay, maybe a little bit sometimes:)  Fried foods and sugar are known to break down our immune systems, and open the door for a lot of other bad ailments, including inflammation. We try to bring healthy recipes and just a healthy attitude for you to move forward in wholeness.  We can do it together!