module 5 page 12

Some days are harder than others, it’s just a fact of life. If you find that you’re having some rough times, there are a few tricks to get you through the day. Fretting, worrying, can’t stop thinking about your problems? Try just asking yourself, “I wonder what I’ll think of next?” Somehow, the mind (also known as ego), can’t seem to process the idea that you’re watching it!  Some cultures, the Chinese for example, call those endless self talk and chatter “Monkey Mind,” and the cure is meditation and positive action. We can control the negative ideas or thoughts that hold us back from having our best possible life. There are meditations and approaches that have worked from ancient times with so many cultures.  Feeling uber-negative lately, try replacing each bad thought with a good thought before it goes anywhere. If you’re angry, try the reverse that negative emotion. Replace that anger with a loving thought toward the person or the situation! Remember, even our so-called enemies might be having a rough life. Give yourself (and them) a break:)